Does S2 Pro Mailchimp Integration support group or segments?

I’m wanting to link our Mailchimp account with S2 Pro but I don’t see a way of having members directly applied to a group or segment in MC. We have 2 levels of membership and we want to be able to have groups or segments reflect those levels within our main list on Mailchimp. Is this possible? If so, some help would be very helpful. Thanks!

s2Member does not support groups or segments out of the box. You would need custom code to do that.

Thanks, is there a way to find out what that customs work would involve/cost?

Please send me a PM with a description of exactly what you are looking to do.

I apologize, I’m new to this forum and don’t see a way to send a personal message through the forum, can you direct me?

Click on my name and you will have the option to send a message.

Sorry this is so difficult, I clicked on your name and no matter the pop up or your actual page, still don’t see where to send you a message. I’ve included some screenshots to show you what I see. Please advise.

Mmmm… that is strange. When I click on anyone’s name (including my own :wink: ) there is a blue Message button at the top-right of the pop-up or profile page.

I don’t like to look like I’m advertising here, which is why I ask for a PM when I need to take the discussion offline, but please just go to and tell me in as much detail as possible what it is you need to do. I’ll take a look at the MailChimp API and see what can be done.

Have you looked at this: There’s also a paid upgrade here:

Thanks Tim! I looked over this plugin and even though it allows you to better sync your mailing lists between S2 and MC, I don’t see where it allows you to sync across groups or segments. Did I miss something in the description?

I’d PM @krumch (the developer) and see what he says.

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@JediShark I sent you an email through your website, did you receive it?

No, I hadn’t seen it, but I found it. I’ll get back to you NLT tomorrow. I need to take a look at the MailChimp API to make sure it supports segmenting. :wink: I’ll do a bit of research on the second issue as well.


Great! Thanks @JediShark