Does recurring yearly Stripe billing work if member's level adjusted manually


I require new paying members to be approved by admin before getting all member privileges. My work around for this is to get new members to sign up for recurring yearly payment via Stripe which gives them access to Level 1. Admin then moves them to Level 2 once approved, which gives the member all privileges.

My question is: will the recurring yearly payment set up when they signed up for Level 1 continue automatically?

Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated, thank you

You can change the WP user’s level role, and it won’t affect the subscription over at the payment gateway.

I suggest that you test it with a test user, so you confirm the behavior and feel confident about it. You can signup for a test subscription at level 1, then change the level to 2 in his WP profile, and then go check the subscription in the payment gatetway.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that.

Thanks a lot @clavaque, I will give it a test this weekend.

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