Does PayPal IPN need to be allowed in Cloudflare?

I don’t know if this is related or not, but I recently switched my DNS to Cloudflare and I’m using Cloudflare’s proxy, mostly for the added security. But ever since I made the switch, my membership sales have hit an all-time low. I’ve never seen such an immediate and drastic drop.

So now I’m wondering if Cloudflare is somehow blocking PayPal from accessing my site. Does anyone know if the PayPal IPN needs to be specifically allowed in Cloudflare’s security settings? The only firewall rule I’ve set up is to protect my wp-admin section, so I don’t think that would be causing the problem.

Just seems like more than coincidence that my membership sales have plummeted since switching to Cloudflare.

Edit: I just checked my PayPal IPN history and it is not showing any errors. So I don’t know what’s going on.

Are you getting zero subscriptions or are you just getting less subscriptions?

You should keep rocket loader off. There’s some other Cloudflare optimizations that might also conflict and break things around. I remember there were a bunch of them but I fixed all those things more than a year ago, so I don’t remember well. :grimacing: