Does an unlimited license framework share same encryption key

I have an unlimited license.for the pro plugin.

I have 3 wordpress sites with the S2member framework/pro plugin installed and they are working well.

The last framework/pluigin that I installed last year we will cal site A

I save all the encryption keys, including for site A

I recently installed a new framework and pro plugin from my s2member account page for a new site B

I noticed while starting the configuration of site B with a newly downloaded framework and pro plugin that the text entry fields were pre-filled with info from site A and that the encryption key is the same.

Is this ok? How will overwriting this framework with the new Site B info affect the function of this new site B? And will it affect the info already installed and functioning in the existing site A? .

Compounding this issue is that I have separate sub accounts set up under the same master account in Stripe, so having a similar encryption key may create havoc at the Stripe end as well.

Will the simple solution be to change the encryption key in site B before I start the configuration?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi Linda,

Are you talking about the Security Encryption Key? WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Security Encryption Key

I don’t understand how Site B got a setting from Site A. Was this a clean installation? Did you import/copy anything from A? That setting would be blank in a clean installation. And the auto-generation would not output the same key again, even if you try.

Even if they had the same key, it wouldn’t be a problem or affect the sites. But it is interesting that they’re the same. Did you auto-generate it, or was it there already from the first time you went to the options? If the latter, where there other options also already set?

This wouldn’t affect the Stripe accounts.

Will the simple solution be to change the encryption key in site B before I start the configuration?

You can do that.


Good evening and thanks for the quick reply. Yes that is the key that I am talking about.

Here are the steps I took today.

I logged into my account and downloaded both the framework and pro plugin that was right there to download.

Then I loaded it into my brand new site B.

Then I started to configure it and noticed that the security encryption key in gereral options was exactly the same as the key on the site A that I had installed/configured.saved to a file on my harddrive from last year about this same time. The key was already installed and in place and I couldn’t see a place to auto generate a new key, or I would have right then - since it was new.

So, I deleted s2member off the new site B,and also from my computer, logged off the site, s2member and the internet. I automatically clear browser cache every time I log off.

Then I logged on, to the internet, the new site B, s2member and downloaded new versions of the framework and the pro plug in. And then installed the new ones on again.

Same thing, pre-configured and also same key. Like I mentioned, I didn’t want to create a scenario where neither site would work. Especially since I don’t really know what the key has control over.

I just deleted the framework and pro plug in again and will give everything a new try in the morning. If I can see a way to autogenerate a new key I will. If not, suggestions? Thank you very much for your help.

Thanks for the additional details.

Did you have s2 in that B site before and then remove it?

If you have s2’s deletion safeguards enabled, s2’s data will remain in the database, and show up again when you install it again in the future. It seems that it’s what’s happening here. WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Deletion Safeguards

To remove s2’s data, you need to disable the safeguards, deactivate s2, and remove s2 with your plugins manager.