Do pre-existing paypal buttons integrate into s2member's system?

If I set up s2member to sell subscriptions, but already have some subscription options on our site, will those options communicate with s2member if used?

That is page A was built in Jan and included PayPal subscriptions.
S2member was added on page B in February. No changes were made to the subscription buttons on page A.
If a subscription is made on page A in March will s2member receive the information? Or do we need to modify that page so that the buttons in place are coded through s2memeber?

Also, any guidance to facilitate the solution is welcome.


It is my understanding that s2member does not have payment gateway auto-synch. So anything that is in a Payment gateway which s2member is subsequently connected to is invisible to s2member. @clavaque may have a different perspective…he is one of the authors of the plugin I am just a techie / power-user.