Divi by Elegant Themes and Comet Cache

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The latest version of Divi (Version: 3.0.66) has some real compatibly issues with Comet Cache, primarily how it handles CSS and Javascript files, and every time a make I single save to a post or page (or anything else), Comet Cache thinks that it is significant enough to wipe the cache. Any way that you can look into this?




@iaiawebmaster This isn’t likely an issue on the Comet Cache side of things. The Divi theme developers need to make their CSS/JS compatible with compression. If that’s not possible, you can either exclude those CSS/JS files in the HTML Compressor, or disable the HTML Compressor in Comet Cache altogether.

The unnecessary clearing of the cache is also most likely an issue on the Divi side of things: Comet Cache simply listens for certain WordPress Core hooks to determine when the cache should be cleared. If another plugin or theme calls those hooks unnecessarily, that will result in Comet Cache clearing the cache unnecessarily. The Divi theme developers will need to review what WordPress hooks they might be calling inadvertently.

The list of hooks and filters that Comet Cache attaches to can be found here.

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Thanks for your time and explanation here. I agree with you because everything was running smoothly until I updated Divi recently. I contacted them too, and we shall see what they say.

Also, I tried several combinations with turning on their new minification options, yours off, theirs off, yours on, and I still get the same notice about Comet Cache wanting to wipe the cache.


I had another thought, since I continue to see that Comet Cache is wanting to wipe the website cache, perhaps a log would show what is triggering Comet Cache? If such a log existed, where would it be located? Just a thought.

By the way, this is the notice I continue to see on the backend: Found 1 file in the cache matching a custom list of URLs; auto-clearing.

That would indicate that you have something in Comet Cache → Plugin Options → Automatic Cache Clearing → Misc. Auto-Clear Options → Auto-Clear Custom URL Patterns Too?

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@raamdev, Yes, I did have one page listed in that section (Auto-Clear Custom URL Patterns) but I just removed it from the list. Now that I removed that page, I don’t get that message from Comet Cache any longer, but it is odd that the message only started showing up when I made the recent update to Divi. (The message wasn’t there prior to the recent Divi or WordPress updates.)