DIVI and S2 Pro Forms

Hey guys,

New user here. Hope you’re all well.

I have a strange S2 Pro Forms issue. I’m running it with the DIVI theme, and everything seems ok on the surface. I’m creating some pro forms for users to register for a site, but the strange thing is when I put the pro form shortcode into DIVI it shows fine in visual builder. It looks as expected, it looks like the full sized pro form.

When I save it and open the page in a separate browser to test it, the form appears without any of the visual elements that it should have. It’s a very plain and condensed form.

Has anyone else seen this?


hit f12 on your computer then refresh the page. look under the network tab to see if any css files are not getting retrieved. If you do that for the edit view and the end user view you will find the difference.