Disable Duplicate Subscription Auto Cancellation

Hi! How can we disable the feature that cancels a subscription when it thinks there’s a duplicity?

I find out it makes mistakes and cancels subscriptions, sometimes, when it should not, when using Stripe.

I’d rather have to deal with potential duplicates than losing revenue. Today it happened again, a user subscribed, I received 2 messages about a new subscription with about 7 minutes of distance between them, same sub and cus codes. s2member thought it was a duplicate and cancelled the only subscription.

I had to open Stripe’s dashboard and subscribe the user manually, then hack my way through updating the user’s records on my site, assign credit, will have to deal with it on my accounting or I’ll also pay more taxes because Stripe’s system is dumb and thinks it’s revenue even though I assigned credit (but that part is a side effect due to the way Stripe works, not s2member’s responsibility, obviously).

I thought this problem had been solved with one of the last updates. Maybe I was wrong? :grimacing:

If the feature can’t work well, I’d rather have it turned off. I sometimes get duplicity in subscriptions anyways and I end up having to deal with them manually, after all.