Different path for unregistered PayPal payments?

I am using PayPal to accept subscription payments on my website. In an attempt to stop bogus subscriptions, is there a way to hold payment for users marked as “unregistered” in PayPal until I can verify them? I would trust PayPal’s methods for verifying users, so those users who register could obtain immediate access and a subscription.

Alternatively, can I force new subscribers to log in to PayPal first and pay that way, disabling the ability to pay without a PayPal account?


I know there is some way to have only registered users pay - maybe even only verified but that only works well in US. I think however it’s a paypal account wide setting hidden somewhere. Contact paypal support.

You could show the payment button only to logged in users (s2 level 0), either protecting the payment page at level 0, or using an s2If conditional on the page.