Did S2 Member ro Paypal Button problem get resolved

Hi all,

Did the problem with the S2 Member Pro buttons get resolved?

It was discussed in this thread and I am now getting the problem too…

Wondered if @clavaque has fixed it in the update of D2 Member Pro?


I don’t know. I stopped using it until I’d hear news from @clavaque as well.

It’s been 6 months since the problem was first raised with no communication or action on the matter from @clavaque since 11 Aug.

I think you can safely assume he has abandoned s2Member and it’s days have come to an end.

I have migrated my website over to ARMember and realised I should have moved years ago as s2Member is serious outdated and probably needs a redesign from the ground up to become relevant again. Sad, because we had been using this membership plugin for years.

Does ARMember allow content restriction via conditional shortcode? I use that a lot in s2member.

it sure does. They have comprehensive documentation on their website which you can follow. ARMember just doesn’t have the ability to set custom capabilities

ah yes, it does. Hmmm interesting.


But what about subscriptions? Does it manage to keep s2 subscriptions from stripe and PayPal active/demote?

And what’s the migration process from s2?

Checked out ARMembers page. “Only One Time Payment, No Monthly Fees “EVER””

Where have I seen this business model before heh… I don’t think I want to repeat the same mistake of going for the cheapest option.

There is currently no migration from s2 to AR that I am aware of.

@mbartizmo - they have been selling their plugin via Codecanyon since 2016 and the full changelog of the plugin is shown there so you can see that they are actively developing and improving the plugin on a constant basis and not just maintenance updates. I think they make their ongoing money via plugins and charging for an extended support option.

I obviously can’t vouch for them all I can tell is what has worked for me and my experience

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Thanks a lot for sharing! I am doing the best I can to stay with S2Member but since we’ve not been hearing anything from @clavaque for a long while (I hope he’s ok, at least :pray:t2:) I am sadly starting to consider migrating to another solution next year.

My site is too small so I can manually update user by user if necessary, so they’re migrated. I assume any plugin I’d want to migrate to would be able to let me enter the necessary information manually so it would recognize subscriptions manually created, already existing ones etc.

As well as potential manual subscriptions or subscriptions using payment methods not directly supported like manual PayPal buttons, manual payments etc.

I’ll wait another month or two and start shopping, but I like your suggestion because the plugin has a fixed price and does not require us to give them our subscribers’ information, we also don’t have to pay a percentage of anything and we still own our database etc.

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Like @thesimarchitect I’d like to stay with s2member but if the support situation does not seem to improve I may regretfully look to move to a different solution like Armember.

That said I’d like to replicate as much of s2members functionality as possible as I find its flexibility very appealing, especially the myriad coding examples which from a development point of view is very helpful.

I like the look of Armember but I don’t see an option for integrated custom fields within it, which I really like about s2member. Does anyone know of any plugins that offer the same functionality?

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I have no idea but I might also migrate to the solution you mention, or another one, after doing some research.

I am quite worry about what could have happened to @clavaque as he disappeared without a word. I really wish he’s ok.

s2member domain lapsed today and the site is down now. Not sure if someone bought the domain or if he got to fix it before losing it.

oh FFS that is so unprofessional.

I messaged @clavaque a few weeks ago and he read the message 9 days ago so he’s still alive. not answering a message is one thing but allowing the domain to lapse without giving your users an option to buy it is deeply deeply unprofessional.

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@clavaque did solve a problem for someone on the WordPress help site a month ago, so yes he is still around. Just not here.

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Happy he’s still alive, then. :pray:t2:

O fear since a few years he has burnout. S2 likely caused him more work than earnings and he never managed to change to yearly subscriptions. It’s hard to announce you drop something on which many depend while it causes you more trouble.

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Well, hopefully he’ll reach out at some point. At least to give his blessing on my effort trying to fork it. Even if it takes me a while.

I’ll do the best I can to have a website with as much content as possible surrounding the plugin up and running.


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