"Detected more than one s2Member Pro-Form"

Hi there!

I already built a working membership area with a free and several paid memberships with s2member. Payment method is paypal. No I want to add Stripe, but when I build a testpage, even if it’s blank with no other content than the stripe-shortcode, I get this error message:

“Detected more than one s2Member Pro-Form.
Please use only ONE s2Member Pro-Form Shortcode on each Post/Page. Attempting to serve more than one Pro-Form on each Post/Page (even w/ DHTML) may result in unexpected/broken functionality.”

How ist this possible? It’s almost an empty page (see https://bit.ly/2XCilqi )

And: I really would like to have the payment process like it is used at the s2members page: https://s2member.com/checkout/?type=single (e.g. switching between paypal and stripe). Can I do this with s2member’s on-board-tools or do I need some extra stuff like plugins etc.?

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Hi Andi.

I see. Are you sure you didn’t add more than one pro-form shortcode on that page? Could you show me what you put in your editor for the page?

Yes, you can reproduce what we have on s2Member’s site. You need a combination of things, though, not too complicated.

If you have more than one pro-form for the same payment gateway, you could use the options feature. See: WP Admin > s2Member > PayPal Forms > Wrapping Multiple Shortcodes as Checkout Options

If you want to combine gateways, they will need to be in separate pages that you put a link to switch between them. Or you can load the same page with a variable in the URL, and have some PHP on the page that shows one or the other gateway’s pro-form.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Cristián,

well, i use the Paypal-Form, but it’s on an other site in the page… What is also strange is that if i put a paypal pro-form in the testpage, the error does not show up.
Only a stripe-form seems to trigger it…

I’m not sure I understand what you mean… Could you show me all you put on the page where you’re getting the message? :slight_smile:

This is all…

Here I am experimenting with the code from this topic to achive the checkout: https://bit.ly/2OBoWNO

Same Problem, as soon as I use the stripe-form, the error shows up…

I see, you do have one in the editor, but in the source for the page, I see two Stripe forms. view-source:https://trachtenstrip.com/S3/

In the source code search for "s2member-pro-stripe-checkout-form".

Are you using some special editor? It doesn’t look default. Can you try without it to see if the behavior changes?


I am using Cornerstone…

The oldest WP-Trick in the world solved the issue: I deactivated every plugin and activated it again and now the error is gone.
Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

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