Demotion deleting member's data! S2member PRO

I have read only other demotion thread. No joy.

We are a MEMBERSHIP organization. Each s2member level equals a different membership category. Each “higher” level is not necessarily more privileged than the others - we handle that using if menus.

We’ve set up numerous profile fields, some fields are used by other membership levels others are limited to one level(s) or other(s). In any case, after demotion ALL of the data in those fields has been deleted (from the wp_usermeta table).

Therefore, if a member misses their annual renewal date, they have to re-enter GOBS of data after renewing. Not acceptable behavior.

PayPal is used for ALL of our memberships so in order to stop the bleeding we’ve turned off Automatic EOT Behavior for now. Not a good long term solution.

We have a small enough membership to accept extra data retention FOREVER if that’s what we need to do.

It would work best if there’s a simple checkbox or drop down hidden somewhere which will allow us to retain ALL data in our profile fields when a member gets downgraded.

2nd best would be for someone at s2member central or out in the user group can tell us which php file or files contains the code that deletes the meta-data when a member gets downgraded and we can null it out to retain that data for level 0 registrants. Then when/if they renew, that data will be available again.


More clarification: the PROBLEM is that all of our user’s metadata is being deleted when a demotion to registration (s2member_level0) is triggered by reaching AUTOEOTDate. We DO NOT WANT TO DELETE THAT DATA. How can we accomplish that.