Demoted Users List

Hi! When a user is to be demoted yet, there’s an EOT date, which allows for us to see them.

Once they’re demoted, if for some reason we don’t receive the EOT notifications (I had them off for about 24 hours by mistake) the only place where I can find the demotion events seems to be the Administrative Notes field, which is not exported by using the export users functionality, neither is visible on the user list.

Now, I have manual procedures after demotion and I don’t know how to find the users who were demoted while notifications were turned off (and logs are off too).

Is there a place where we can easily find that information, even if we open the database directly?

Thanks a lot, again, for everything!

Silly me! Just had a “brilliant idea” that might be helpful if anybody find themselves in the same situation!

Just check the PostSMTP history (or any other email history you have) and look for the automatic messages s2Member sends when a user is demoted (if that’s set up, of course).

The Pro Warning E-Mails sent according to schedule are also very useful, just in case those “you were demoted” messages weren’t sent for any reason to filter out users that need attention.

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