Deactivating plugin causes critical error!?

I installed s2Member several years ago… but haven’t ever used it much. I had one page where the content used shortcakes to hide parts.

I deactivated the plugin to do some testing, all of the frontend pages give me a critical error message.

Anyone have any ideas where to look to fix it?


Hi Don.

Could you tell me what the error is?

If a shortcode doesn’t exist, WordPress simply doesn’t parse it. So deactivating s2 shouldn’t cause a problem with shortcodes.

If you updated s2 to v230808, s2 is active, and you were using an s2If shortcode with a function that wasn’t whitelisted, that could give you an error. But updating to the latest v230815 would stop giving an error, it’d simply not show that s2If block.

If the above doesn’t help, please give me more details about the error, the shortcode you’re using, etc.


I chased down the problem… I had used an s2-specific function in the header (don’t remember doing that, nor why). I changed that to a wp core function, and all is well. Thanks for your help.


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I’m glad you sorted it out! Thank you for the update.