Customize PayPal Button on Pro Form

I know we can customize the stand-alone PayPal buttons but was wondering about the default ‘yellow’ PayPal buttons on the Pro-Forms, can those be customized like with one of my own button images?

Thank you for any help you can pass my way.

  • Steve D.

Hi Steve.

There isn’t an attribute to change the PayPal button in the pro-form because, if I remember correctly, PayPal requires that button for the Express Checkout integration, unlike the PayPal Standard one that allows other images.

Having said that, you can go and try changing it with CSS or via the template.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Cristián & thank you for the rapid reply.
That is what I’ve read everywhere I’ve been so far. I was hoping someone would pop-in with the ‘magic’ code that they have used already :grinning:
I’ve used the Browser Inspect tool and found what needs to be changed but now I just need to change it and test to see if PayPal will accept it.
I’ll report back here with my findings & hopefully, in the meantime someone will also post that magic code here.

  • Steve D.

Hi Steve and Christian, thank you for the answers. If I want to change my own custom form as mentioned in the KB link posted by Christian, just by placing the s2member pro form templates in my theme directory will work or will I have to specify any names for my custom forms?

By the way, I am trying to create the forms and will see if they work.

Thank you. :slight_smile: