Customer Capabilities and EOT

Custom Capabilities can be used to create many different packages under the same membership level. But I am assuming that a user can only purchase one of those packages especially if they are not lifetime packages and/or have recurring payments. Is this correct?

If I’m wrong, I will be excited to hear that and would like to learn more about how to implement different payment plans, term/periods, and EOT behavior per package.

Regardless of the answer to my question above, is there a way to implement EOT behavior that removes specific custom capabilities but not all custom capabilities?

Thank you for your help!

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Hi James,

Custom capabilities are great in many regards, but still have room to grow.

Currently, you can’t sell subscriptions for custom capabilities, only for a level, which you can sell with the ccap. But the user can only have one subscription in s2, not several concurrent ones, so this prevents multiple ccaps from being sold with separate subscriptions active at the same time. Ccaps can be sold with buy-now single payments, though, as many as you want, and these won’t interfere with an active subscription.

The EOT also is limited, because it removes all ccaps or none, there aren’t specific EOT times for ccaps, the EOT time is for the level. A way to have more specific control of ccap access is with the s2Drip shortcode, but that’s not necessarily helpful in all situations. You could remove a single ccap, but that’d require a bit of custom PHP on a page, and again you have the problem of the EOT, which time if there aren’t separate subscriptions? in which case the access capability times that s2Drip uses may be useful…

I have plans to improve all the things I mentioned above.


Thank you, Cristian.