Customer Can't Update Billing Information After Suspends Account


I posted a few months ago, but still have not received a response to help me fix this issue and it’s costing me clients on my website. I noticed another person wrote in about the same issue in 2013…but there was no response given:

“We are trying to make it so that if a subscribers monthly payment is declined, they can still log in and update their payment credentials. We are using Authorize as well. I know this is 7 months later, but did you/your team ever come up with a solution? Thanks - Jacob”

We are having this issue too. Once there is a failed transaction in, they suspend the membership and it triggers s2member to demote the user to subscriber status. Once this happens I get an email from authorize saying that the user has been suspended. I reach out to the client and ask them to update their billing information (sometimes it’s just an expiration date update or a new address that needs updating) and when they login and click “update billing” they get a message that says “you are not an active member, nothing to update.” I then have to arrange a call with the client, login to and manually update their billing info…that’s IF I can get them on the phone and they are willing to walk through that process with me. I would rather just have them login…update their billing info and have that reinstate their membership. This seems very logical to me.

This is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING because I have lost hundreds of clients over the years because they have no way to update their billing info. I work SO hard to get new clients and then lose them just as quickly because they are unable to update their billing info to continue their membership. I have billing modification forms and updates enabled…but this only works if the user is ACTIVE. Can you please either help with a work around or improve how s2member integrates with authorize?

I have been experiencing this for 7 years now and would love to find a solution…it really hurts my online business.

Thank you so much for your help!