Custom registration fields don't display to logged users


I have a little problem. I have setup in s2member options two additional custom fields, Phone and Address for all member Levels. Address is required.
Memebers level are “member 2018”, member 2019".
When a new user tries to buy a “member 2019” everything works as usual, the pro-form correctly displays Phone and Address.
If a member 2018 tries to renew his membership (buying a member 2019) those fields are not showed. So they can register/renew without fill that important fields.
Maybe there is an option, but I look for in docs and I didn’t find a solution.

Do you know a way to have those fields always in the pro-forms?


That will need some custom code, as “they do not appear for any user that is currently logged into the site” (by the docs at “Custom Registration/Profile Fields” options page). If you need a developer, please find me.

Thank you for your answer. I will try to do by myself.
This could be usefull Custom registration fields don't display to logged users maybe?