Custom Profile fields and Mailchimp

This is an URGENT CRITICAL issue and a quick response would be appreciated:

My registration/ profile has additional fields, one field is a Select Menu (multi-option) - However, the data selected in this field is not recorded on Mailchimp.

Please suggest a solution!
Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Brian.

You need a customization to have the custom profile fields added to your MailChimp as merge fields. This article should help get you started:

See also these to get the custom fields in your code:

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


On a related matter, we have an additional field type ‘Select Menu (multi-option)’ but the users selections are not showing up in the users profile.

Hmm… Could you show me a screenshot of your field’s configuration, and tell me step-by-step how to reproduce the problem? I’ll try it with my installation to see if I can reproduce it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Cristián,

Please see the images attached.


Thanks for the screenshots.

It’s not very clear if all fields are selected, or none. In any case, it seems to be wrong.

I did several tests in my installation, and was able to create users with a multiple selection field just fine. Tried the wp-login and pro-form registrations, as well as the profile editor.

I did notice that a captcha plugin seemed to give some trouble in a test, so I removed it.

I believe you may be having some plugin conflict in your installation, something may be affecting the normal behavior of the profile fields.

Could you please test deactivating other plugins/theme, and creating new users, to see if the behavior is the same?