Custom Field on CCAP Upgrade?

I’ve been busy here, hopefully our last issue.

User registers for free.
User gets to try software and access lmited content online
Users upgrades (Payment, subscription) to level 1 and content is unlocked.
Our 3rd party app (discussed in another ticket) sends them their serial number.

Works well.

However, I would like to withhold the unlocking of the content online until they enter their serial number somewhere. The serial number isn’t delivered until AFTER payment and after registration obviously.

I thought a free CCAPS upgrade form would work (I can protect the content until they have the capibility) , but there custom fiels don’t appear on a form (after intial registration). At least that is my understanding)

Does s2member have the ability to handle with without excessive php coding?

Thank you

Hi Vin.

Well, you do need custom coding for such a custom setup, but I don’t think it’d need to be excessive.

The custom profile fields can be edited after registration if the user has access to a profile editing page (e.g. the default WP profile editor, or s2’s profile form).

You’d need to find a WP hook that fires on profile edits, to see if they added the serial number, I guess you’d also want to check if the serial number is valid, and then you can have your code give that user the related ccap.