Custom field doesn't displayed into custom template

I’ve a dropdown menu as custom field for my user profile:

I display all my user field in a custom template (member-list.php), but this specific field are not given out:

Like the others, “is_membership_paid” is displayed in the WP user overview, but not from the custom template.
What does I’ve wrong?

Here’s the code: (1.7 KB)

I use this shortcode:
[s2Member-List orderby=“last_name” order=“ASC” limit=100 exclude=“12” show_avatar=“false” roles=“contributor, editor, administrator” levels=“1,2,3,4” rlc_satisfy=“ANY” show_fields=“Email: email, Lieu: street_town, Mobile: mobile_phone, Référence: reference, Cotisation payée? is_membership_paid” template=“member-list.php” /]

Hi Dominique.

You seem to be missing the colon separating the label from the ID: Cotisation payée? is_membership_paid.

Could you try: Cotisation payée?: is_membership_paid


Oh dear… I’m feeling so dumb now :flushed: I was confused with my other issue with the accent.
It was that. A lot of thanks.

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