Custom edits to HTML: Set Value for hidden password field

I have the password field hidden on my website to increase conversions. The goal is to autofill by adding value=“PasswordHere” to the html. The customer will then recieve a confirmation email saying: your temporary password is: “PasswordHere”.
I’ve tested this and it works exactly how I need it to in the developer console. Now I just need to make this happen on all s2member forms on the site. The password field is hidden in all portions I just need to add the above code snip to the field for both instances of password. How do I edit the html behind s2member?

<input type="password" maxlength="100" autocomplete="off" name="s2member_pro_stripe_checkout[password2]" id="s2member-pro-stripe-checkout-password2" class="s2member-pro-stripe-password2 s2member-pro-stripe-checkout-password2 form-control" value="" tabindex="60" style="background-image: url(&quot;....5ErkJggg==&quot;); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: scroll; background-size: 16px 18px; background-position: 98% 50%;">

I did find the option to disable custom passwords during registration. It seems like this option might have the same effect but I would still like to know if it is possible to alter the base html behind the plug in.