Custom Capability with EOT

Is there any way I can add custom capability to user with specific EOT for this custom capability?
There are many custom capabilities assigned to each user but I want the EOT for a specific custom capability.
I see that the “s2member_auto_eot_time” holds the EOT but it doesn’t let me get an idea about which custom capability is going to expire at what time.
Is there any way I can define separate EOT for each custom capability assigned to a user?

i asked the same earlier
as far as i know, no. cannot. not prebuilt

Thanks John.
Do you have any idea how do I proceed for this?

Not “out of the box”, but s2M is a “magic box” itself, so everything is possible :slight_smile: You can put the EOT date in ccap, to be possible you to know when it expires (or any other valuable info for you, actually), like “book1_20191005”. But the problem now is that such ccaps are “unique”, so you must build a special checking function for them. Look at this manual.