CSV file export of just member levels 1 and 2

I am trying to figure out how to export the member data of just my Premium members which at this point is just s2member levels 1 and 2. Is there a way to do this without having to export all user’s data in the system as well?

It would also be cool to just have the data fields of the name, email, stripe or Paypal customer ID, their next billing date OR their EOT date.


S2Member export is all info. There is no mechanism to restrict the exported info fields.

You can use a different plugin for filtered exports (e.g. https://www.wpallimport.com/upgrade-to-wp-all-export-pro/)

Not sure why you don’t just open the s2member export file in a spreadsheet tool like excel and sort on the role column and delete every row that is not Premium. Two seconds.

Thanks for the help. I don’t have a lot of experience working with CSV files, but was able to work with it a bit and sort the premium users fine like you suggested. Cheers!

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Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: