Css for Level 1 Pages only?

S2 newbie, so hopefully not a repeat - I’ve a css snippet (hides the main menu) which I want to apply to Pages assigned Level 1. Is there a ‘class’ or some such that I can reference?

Don’t know for sure, but you could always snoop around in the inspector for your browser to see if any class gets added.

If not, it might not be too tricky to add a class like this.

However, if hiding menus is what you want, I might look into using a plugin like If Menu or Menu Item Visibility Control.

Note: I haven’t tried either with S2 Member levels, but I believe they would work with the way s2Member assigns levels.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any additional questions.


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Hi Cam
Great call - ‘If Menu’ did the job perfectly. :+1:

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