Create users with API with custom password or no password

I am currently creating new users from a third party platform using the s2Member Pro API. I can’t configure anything from the other platform as the functionality to work with s2Member is built in with only a url and API key field. I am trying to pass a password in the URL by adding “user_pass=sompassword” to the URL but it doesn’t work.

Ultimately, I am trying to allow users to login with only their email and no password. I thought one way I could do it is by setting a static password for these users and adding a hidden field that was pre-filled with the static password. Any suggestions on how I could achieve this would be more than welcome. Thanks.

Hi AP,

The Remote Operations API? Can I see the code?

Yeah, login without password is not something WP does, but I guess the approach you mention could be a way about it…