Coupon for 30 additional days

I am just trying to wrap my brain around an idea I would like to implement.

The options would be for a user to pay every month, every 3 months or every 6 months. I would like to offer an option for a one month trial before the 3 or the 6 months subscription but not as a general price; just for a promotion for a limited time.

Is there a way to create a coupon that would do that, while the “regular” situation would just have the customer pay the regular 3 or 6 months?

I know that, as a work around, I could change the code after the promotion period is over, and it is not TOO bad but having the option for a coupon could also help promote this incentive to only certain people or through ads or something like that to target SOME customers and not everyone.

Any idea?

The current coupon system can’t add a trial where there wasn’t one. A workaround would be to have a trial for the same amount as the regular periods (disguised as a regular period), and discount just the trial period when using the coupon. The problem is that your trial is also different than the regular period, so I don’t know…

Maybe if you create a hack that notices the coupon used, and then alters the shortcode of the pro-form itself so you actually change one pro-form for another when the coupon is used. I haven’t done this yet, so I can’t tell you more details about implementing it.

Having said all that, I do have in my plans to improve coupons in the future, and it would allow what you said. I’m adding your vote for that feature.


I might just make identical pages with the form being different, during any promotion, and no coupon code.

Might be interesting when you add that feature.

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