Conditional menu?

Is there a way to create a “conditional menu” based on either a ccap OR a membership level?

I would like to have a different navigation menu for my paying members than my free members/visitors. Is it possible? I am using Elementor Pro if that makes a difference.

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Hi Carole.

You know you can have conditionals based on the user’s role or capabilities, the question is where you can use them.

I don’t know if Elementor lets you enter conditions for their menus, or if an add-on of theirs adds that funtionality. I’d try asking them how you can enter conditions there.

Let me know what they tell you, please.



Actually, I am not sure if it is Elementor or WP or what but in the Appearance > Menu, when adding elements to the menu there IS a way to add some conditions, and it does take shortcodes so I can use just about any condition for them to appear or not.

Happy camper here!


Perfect :slight_smile:


I use the If Menu plug in (free version) to hide and show menus based on member levels:

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I am not sure but it MIGHT be due to my Elementor, but I do have the option directly in the menu “by default”. where I can enter any conditional shortcode.

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Sadly I use Divi so can’t help with Elementor. The If Menu plugin works via the Appearance > Menus settings.