Compatible with WordPress 5.3?

I was just reading about the changes to WordPress in 5.3 and noticed that 5.3 aims to fully support PHP 7.4 with multiple changes to remove deprecated functionality. Before I update, will this cause any issues with s2Member or s2Member Pro? Thanks.

Hi Stephen.

I haven’t tested against PHP 7.4 yet, but from what I’ve read there should be not issues. The deprecations are:

  • Short open tags
  • Left-associative ternary operator
  • Change the Precedence of the Concatenation Operator
  • Curly brace syntax for array elements

s2Member doesn’t use any of those, so you should be fine.

I have been using the latest WordPress 5.3 in my tests, and so far haven’t seen an issue. Also using the latest 5.4 Alpha and fine too.

I look forward to any other user’s comments, input or feedback on this, would love to hear your experiences from testing with them.