Comment Mail Configuration Issue

Dear WP Sharks,

This is regarding the comment mail plugin. I loved the idea of replying to comments through email, BUT:

I am non tech guy and I am having problem setting up this plugin.

First of all the smtp configuration didn’t worked by following the instructions from plugin, after googling and with lots of hit and trials, I got the smtp worked. The reason it didn’t worked for me, as google blocked me because of using low security app. Later I figured out that smtp communication can be enabled with google by enabling Gmail API and using client key & client secret without using a 16 digit application password.

Second the most important thing is that rve ( reply via email) is not working for me. I am on namecheap and using easywp. I have my Gsuite account on MX record. So I can’t use sparkpost / mandrill on MX record, plus its further registrations on these two paid sites. I am sure that we can reply through Gmail. If you can help me with replying to comments through Gmail that will make everything awesome. Also I have mailed to support at 3 days ago but haven’t received any response.

Will appreciate the reply, also it will be helpful if one can let me know how refund gets processed.


Hi Tim, didn’t understood what does withdrawn by author means ?

I didn’t clue into the fact that you were asking about Comment Mail and not s2member. I made a request for you to clarify w.r.t. s2member but then realised. So I deleted my post.

I’m just a guy like you who bought the plugin. @clavaque is the guy you want to message .

Thanks Tim, I tried to send a message, it says you can’t send a personal message to that user.

The mention I made in my post triggers a message to him. That’s the best we can do.

Your options as per any product are to keep pinging support ( @clavaque ) or talk to your credit card company or Paypal.