Comet Cache and WP5.5 wp-sitemap.xml

If you enable CC and have - for me - the usual Apache settings, the redirects in .htaccess appear to mean that wp-sitemap.xml is not visible.

Given it’s been well over a year since it was taken over, with no sign of a new version, is it time to switch to another WP cache?

I use WP Rocket for caching, along with the Yoast SEO plugin to generate the sitemap, and everything seems to be working fine with WP 5.5.

Yet another dead project? I really hope not!

The team need to get their act together, hire some staff and get these projects up to 99.9% working condition again

Hi Ian.

I’m not sure I understand the behavior you’re seeing. I’ve tested WP 5.5 for a while, and don’t have an issue with it. The new sitemap in WP 5.5 is by default at /wp-sitemap.xml. Can you load it? And if you want to use it for auto-caching in CC, you’d enter it under WP Admin > Comet Cache > Auto-Cache Engine

Does that help? :slight_smile: