Comet Cache 404 for links on multisite

I get 404 on subdirectory multisites when using html compression :-/

Can you be a little more specific about what’s returning a 404? What’s the URL that’s returning a 404?

For about half a day off and on it would add slashes to the end of all URLs for images js/css, resulting in 404s, i disactivated and reactivated a few times and it hasn’t done it since. Sorry I can’t be of any more use. Not sure there’s anything to do now, unless someone else experiences it.

The only thing that would cause that is something in your .htaccess file. The Comet Cache Pro feature that handles adding/removing stuff from your .htaccess file is in Comet Cache → Plugin Options → Apache Optimizations and the specific option that I’d suspect might be causing that problem is Apache Optimizations → Enforce Canonical URLs?


Having messed around thats the same conclusion I came to :slight_smile: thanks for the reply.

I ran into same problem if enabling enforcing canonical, but it’s something i would want to enable, and it happens even on a clean htaccess just with wordpress rules, so something must be wrong in the htaccess block provided by plugin, at least for multisite with subdomains.
would be nice and improvement in the htaccess rules.

I just noticed how old the thread is, discouraging that rules hasn’t been updated in 4 years and this problem persists.