Cloudflare - Comet Cache - Settings


  1. I was wondering if there exists a guide regarding ‘Cloudflare’ settings, so it will play well with ‘Comet Cache’ and Multisite. I have had several issues with the cache not being cleared properly between the two apps. and would be interested to know what settings/page rules on the free ‘Cloudflare’ plan should be on/off.


My host makes Cloudflare available for free. I used it for six months. What a nightmare! I swear that several of the Cloudflare settings are just pretty buttons that do nothing. And it totally wrecked a ton of front-end javascript.

So I moved over to the other CDN option that my host offers, and everything worked fine immediately.

If you have javascript that’s important for your site’s front-end, I wouldn’t touch Cloudfront with a very long stick.

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Were you using Cloudflare or Cloudfront? You mentioned both.

I am sure if you don’t use the minification settings on Cloudflare and especially not Rocketloader and high security settings, that you won’t have issues. The only thing that concerns me is that Cloudflare does not clear cache when a site is updated. Also, as mentioned somewhere, it is important that we don’t cache everything with page rules.

I am interested to know if the developers of Comet Cache have an opinion on this and what their advice would be regarding the best settings on Cloudflare (not Cloudfront) and if there is a way that Comet Cache can control Cloudflare behavior, so it does not interfere with the great job Comet Cache is already doing.

Sorry for the confusion. It was definitely Cloudflare. (Cloudfront is what s2Member recommends for off-site file downloads.) And I disabled all the minification settings and Rocketloader.

The problem was that Cloudflare wants to run everything through its own nameservers. Moving them back to my host was the only thing that cured the problem.