Clickbank Core+Upsells and Locking/Unlocking Specific Sections of Site

Hi guys.

I sell a product in Clickbank. The core offer is a digital product where you get 4 PDF and access to a specific section of the site where you can see videos.

The sales funnel goes that way:
Core offer pitch page --> Clickbank order form --> successful checkout --> upsell 01 pitch page (recurring membership product) --> upsell 02 pitch page (digital product) --> upsell 03 pitch page (digital product) --> upsell 04 pitch page (digital product) --> Confirmation page (thank you page) where use will have an overview of his final order and capacity to choose his password.

Now. Since there are several scenarios possible, one thing we know is that they all need to bought core offer to be presented the upsells (of course), but they could also refuse all upsells (possible).

So in any scenario, they will have access to our portal and will have access to page A where the PDF and the videos of core offer are there.

How do we set up a membership with the other item/upsells they would have order in the upsell flow?

Do we use membership level type of setup, or we use custom capabilities?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Martin.

How are you managing the funnel, with CB’s PitchPlus? If so, see this post by Jason from a while ago:

I don’t see in the changelog any indication since then that he changed what he described in that post.

If you’re doing it with something else, could you give me more details?