Checkout on the stripe page

I don’t like to use stripe forms on my site.

Is there a way for the customer to make the payment on the stripe page?

I want the customer to go to the stripe page and make the payment.

How do I do this?

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Hi Robert,

You’re talking about Stripe Checkout, then. You can do that, but that product doesn’t talk with s2 yet, so the user won’t be upgraded automatically.

If you need something basic, as you did with Hotmart, then you could likely use that integration as a template and replace some parts to talk with Stripe’s Checkout API.



It would be nice to be able to use the new Stripe checkout because it’s the only method where they give you chargeback protection and also allow for other methods of payment like direct debit, iDeal etc.

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With pro forms you can also use credit and direct debit, and the good thing is that it will be on your website page, without the customer having to leave.

But it would be nice to have a second option, however, I prefer Cristian to focus on the development of HOTMART, much better than all these.

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I do use the pro forms but only cards are accepted for Stripe.

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Mine says that it accepts credit and debit


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Exactly. Debit Card. Not direct debit. No iDeal or any other payment option.

I don’t want to use hotmart, whatever it is. Are you mentioning it repeatedly and using all caps because you work for them or something? :thinking:

So in your country the payment method is different.

On mine it works great!

As for Hotmart, I don’t work for them. I just think that their integration gives the customer more freedom and payment method…

There you can pay, with:

Credit card
debit card
Mercado pago

There are numerous forms of payment that the customer will have at a Gateway

While in others you don’t have it.

It’s just a matter of geographic choice and vision and design.

Better to have several than a limited few.

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Oh, you’re in Brazil… :grin:

It’s good to have more choices, but when I mentioned the Stripe situation I did that because s2Member already supports Stripe (I got Stripe because of s2Member, not the other way around) and this topic is about Stripe, not the other product you mentioned.

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