Character limits in Profile Fields

Is there any way I can amend or add to the character limits in the Expected Format field of the Registration/Profile Fields. I would like to have the option of 100, 200 500 and 1000 characters in the options lists so that I can limit the amount of text entered by users.

Interesting, I had not looked at that part of the options in a while. I was checking how to change the expected format option, but then noticed that it’s talking about an exact or minimum amount, not an option for maximum.

I’m afraid that it’ll take some customization in a few places to modify the custom fields this way, because it’s not just the field editor, there’s also the application to the forms, and also the validation of the values in the javascript and after submission…

I guess the simplest approach would be if you write some javascript that targets those fields and limits the input to the custom amounts you mentioned.