Changing to a new billing option

I use S2member pro to manage forum and content access on my site. Until now users sign up, and get lifetime access for a one time fee. I assign them S2 member level 1.
If I now create 2 new access options e.g. $X per month, and $Y per year, will this impact the original set of users lifetime access? I do not want it to. These users would also be assigned S2 member level 1.

Appreciate your help.

Hi Liam.

No, that wouldn’t cause any issues. Existing users would not be touched by new ones. When you sell access to new ones specifying a period of access, then an EOT (end of term) time will be set on their accounts, and when that is up, s2 will apply the EOT behavior you configured (e.g. demotion to Level 0). WP Admin > PayPal Options > Auto EOT Behavior

What you specify in the button’s shortcode, applies to each transaction from it, not the level itself, so chaning what you charge for the level to new users, doesn’t affect all the existing users that have that level.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Cristian, thank you! That explains it perfectly. Much appreciated.

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