Changed site domain, how to modify S2 login for the new url

hello, i just migrated my website from a .com domain to my local country .cl domain, i have S2 pro and i need to change the old to the new

please some help, it´s urgent !! thanks

wp-login is not an s2 URL, that’s wordpress’ standard login/registration/password page.

Migrating wordpress would include updating your domain/url in the wp database/configuration.

Or do you mean s2Member-Login?

It’d pick up the URL from your site and configuration. And if you’re using any of the shortcode attributes, you’d update those. e.g.

[s2Member-Login login_redirect="" /]


hello Cristián, thanks. I was refering to the wordpress login, witch i have customized with S2. I got my hosting technical support to help me and the issue is resolved. I still have a question though, maybe you can help… So, after migrating my site from the .com development (live) site to my now live site in .cl domain and changing the registers accordingly on my .cl wordpress the access to my .cl account is working fine. I assume that S2 recognizes the new S2 site as the one where the PRO single site licence is running. Though i still have the .com website as backup, in mantainance mode, yet i would like that installation to be accessible in case i need my users to use the .com site if the .cl site is down for whatever reason… question then is, would be the .com site accesible even if my PRO licence is a single site licence? do i need to upgrade to the PRO multisite to have both sites running? thanks

I’m glad you sorted that out. Nice job. :slight_smile:

About the license: If you only have one production site, the single-site license is enough, a development/staging site doesn’t count towards the license, but if you have two production sites, the unlimited-sites license would be right. If you decide to upgrade, in your Account page there’s a link to pay only the difference.