Change wording on Cancel Form

We have members paying via PayPal and Stripe.
If they attempt to cancel their subscription with the wrong form, they get the following message:
Nothing to cancel. You’re NOT a paid Member.

This is misleading, and unfortunately, leads some of them to think they have successfully cancelled their payments. Then when another payment is made, they blame us…

How can I change the wording on the cancellation form to tell them they’re using the wrong form, please?

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I have a feeling that message is generated by the payment processor, and not the plugin (I hope I am not mistaken).

Perhaps you can have a custom capability with your payment processor’s name (like I did), then you can filter which button you’ll display to your user according to their custom capabilities, so they’re automatically presented the correct one?

I did that for profile modifications/upgrades, so they’re only presented with stripe options if they’re already using that to pay.

Thanks for your reply.
I’m not familiar with Custom Capabilities, but I’ll have a look and see whether I can figure it out.
Thanks again!

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but how do you add the custom capability if you created the user without that? SQL query - then for new users depending on the gateway add a custom capability?

It’s one of the really missing things in s2member. But yeah - at least it could be solvable. Unlike the text on the button itself which is the same as on the buy button and that you cannot have different emails depending on the payment gateway. s2member would need a much stricter separation depending on the payment gateway.

New users: there’s options in the buttons / forms for that.

Existing ones: you need to edit them manually or use the export/import

I exported my users, filtered the ones that needed editing, made the adjustments on excel, saved the list, imported it back. Careful to not mess up your entire database if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, though. You can probably do it using SQL or even opening one by one, it all depends on the amount of records you need to fix and the method you prefer to use.

Always backup your database, so you can restore the previous version if necessary.