Change of the s2members files directory

Hello Support,

I have read the article on changing the files directory:

Can I change the files directory to the main directory:

If so, how does this affect all of the files under this directory?

Thank you for your assistance - this question is quite urgent and I would appreciate a quick response

Hi Brian.

I haven’t tried it myself, but you’d need to protect the content of the new chosen folder so it’s not public (e.g. the .htaccess file).

But if you do that, then all the files you upload with the WP Media Library to that folder would be restricted too. If that works for you, that’s fine then.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a simpler, what my objective is:

I wish to know who downloads a pdf(s) file, currently the pdf is uploaded by a particular pluging (A directory) and uploads to the main directory/ sub directories (as all files).

Any input would be appreciated.

small question about these files.
When I upload files, they are automatically placed in
How do I place them in /wp-content/plugins/s2member-files?

Copy in command line?

Hi Philippe.

Via FTP, or a file manager. :slight_smile:

I see. Sorry, at the moment there isn’t a log available of that. I do have it in my list of requests, and have added your vote for it.



Could you tell me how soon this request could be available and would a financial incentive bring it to the top of the list?

It’s not high on my list, really. Many things have more importance, and more interest.

Whenever I could, I’ve given more than the usual help to users that showed support for the project.

If you want, you can message me privately with an offer to implement it.