Capture just month and day

In my club, we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, so we need to capture this info during the registration process. But we only need / want the month and day info, not the year. The built-in date field seems to want mmddyyyy for input. Is there some way to restrict it to just mmdd?


Harry Z

Hi Harry.

Interesting, we never had someone ask this, that I remember. Well, the included date format asks for the day, true. You could just set the expected format to “anything goes”, and specify in the field label/desc and the default value, what to write there.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Aloha @clavaque. What I’ve decided to do is to create two fields for the birthday. One for month, and one for day. Each field is a drop down list. 1 - 12 for the month, and 1 - 31 for the day. This seems to work, but lacks any logical checking e.g.: prohibiting February 30. It’s not as elegant as a date picker widget, but I think it will suffice.

Mahalo for your response.

Harry Z

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