Captcha breaks Stripe form

I recently had a bot attack my Stripe subscription form with fake cards, and had to set up a captcha to try and mitigate the problem. I later found out that new subscriptions were being dropped with the error message “Missing or invalid security verification. Please try again.” after carrying out the 3D security verification.

This turned out to be caused by the captcha and payments work fine again after disabling it, but quite honestly this should not be happening. Is there any way this can get fixed? I’d feel much safer having a captcha on that page after the attack I had to deal with.

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Hi chocolatekitsune,

Insteresting, I’ll look into that. Thanks for reporting it!

So you’re talking about the ReCaptcha v2 in the pro-form, right, or is it some other plugin you used to add the captcha? WP Admin > s2Member Pro > General Options > ReCAPTCHA

Is it only when the 3DS verification happens, or all payments have the error when captcha is enabled?


Don’t use captcha, stripe provides solutions in their security stuff. Some years back I posted how to set them up.

Now you need to pay for it however. It’s relatively cheap though.