Can't download RC

Is anyone else having trouble downloading the v200203 Pro Release Candidate?

It’s supposed to be here:

I’m logged into my pro account, but I’m getting the redirect to payment options instead of the file.[signature omitted]___

Same here. I can download the latest official Pro release, but not the RC.

I tested the URLs again, and they work for me. Looks like you’re not logged into your account or don’t have a Pro license…

If you were logged in and should have Pro access, please tell me your username so I can review it.


I do have a Pro license and when I log in and go to the My Account page, I’m able to download both the Framework and the Pro Add-On. But when I try to download the Pro version of the RC, I’m redirected to the sign up page.

That’s very odd… What is your username?

I messaged you my username and email address. Thanks.

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I just messaged you my user name