Can we use s2member to sell Domain Names?

I m building a new site doing domaining and other stuff, need to understand a couple of things.
The implemented services i will offer will be purchased using buy now, make a offer, rent or buy in installments, i see how i could implement s2member for rent but not the other options cause s2member is more for content protection but i need to make somehow to sell domain names using s2member or i will have to implement other payment plugins not sure.

Also if you can tell me before i proceed.
Is it possible to link one paypal account to 2 different sites or need to create other paypal?
Thank you.

Hello, not sure why no one reply.
I have setup my new site, to make it work need to achieve the following.
Need to make that after someone goes to Buy Now, Rental or Make it Yours, here Example to hide the payment buttons for everyone else so the domain becomes non available for other people, even if they are members, the buttons must be available until someone buys it or make the payment from one of the available options.
At the moment i use free version of plugin but i plan to go Pro for this second site once i get sales.