Can Registration Date be set or changed?

s2Member Pro - I’m trying to update the Registration Date of one user (bad prior import set it to 0000-00-00 00:00:00).
Import ignores new date. I tried import with only two columns:
302,“12/12/2018 3:52”

I cannot edit it in Users. I just imported a new user with a Reg Date and it was set to today instead.
Is that the final answer?

Hi Sue.

I wasn’t aware of this, haven’t seen it reported before either. Thanks for the report!

I made a note about it. I’m guessing that it assumes that it’s not a field to change, and importation/creation time is registration time. That seems counter-intuitive if you do have a field to import it. Maybe it’s not meant for the import but the export only…

I’ll look at the code for it when I can, and figure out if it’s doing that by design or error. And then see if I can improve it, seeing how there are people like you that may want to set a custom time for it.


Thanks, Cristián,
That makes sense if it’s a field that should not be imported. I can use a different date for what I need. It was just weird behavior. :slight_smile:

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