Can PayPal automatically issue receipts for memberships?

I’m using s2Member Pro to sell memberships to my website through PayPal. Everything has been working fine for years, except for one problem. PayPal does not issue receipts for membership purchases. At least not when someone pays using a credit card.

To deal with this, I’ve been creating and emailing a receipt manually each time someone signs up. But to do this, I need to log in to PayPal, bring up the transaction details, and then copy and paste everything from PayPal’s page into a receipt template I’ve created. Obviously, this is very time consuming.

Does anyone know if there is a way to have PayPal automatically send out a receipt when someone purchases a membership? Or am I stuck creating them manually? Thanks for any help. is the best service for receipts or proper invoices. It has a s2member plugin

Thanks! I’m looking into it now.

Also a possible way (but not “full spectre” like above one, thus can be nice if you need only invoices): this plugin creates logs and invoices for you, also allow users to download them.

Thanks, that plugin may be all I need. I just need something that will send out an invoice automatically when someone pays for a membership. And giving members the ability to download their invoice would also be great.