Can I use s2member to create a client portal

Wonder if I can use s2member to create a client portal. I want each user to have his own page where they will find their files (designed for them) and subscription or payment details.
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Hi Rami.

You can create a profile page, and show dynamic content in it.

Here you can find a profile form shortcode you can use there: WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Member Profile

And there’s the s2Get shortcode to show a bunch of different things:

And for personalized file downloads, it’s a bit trickier… Here’s a video that touches on that:

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks Christian :+1:
That looks great.

One more thing, I am trying to give clients access to a form to request translations as long as long as they are active subscribers. Any advice on a form option to give users access to their own submissions?
Thought of a form that creates a custom post type, but will S2Member give users exclusive access to post they create?

You can protect the form’s page with s2Member at the level you require for them. WP Admin > s2Member > Restriction Options


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Any advice on a form solution that works well with S2Member pro where I can give users access only to their form submissions , which in turn is posted as custom post type?
In other words, users only able to access (view not edit) the cpt they created.

And does s2Member support Zapier yet?

I don’t have a specific one to recommend. Any form that does that should be fine. Then you’d need to customize the access to it with s2Member somehow, probably with a conditional that checks his access. And if you want their uploads protected by s2Member, they need to go in the s2member-files directory. Try talking with a good WP developer about it to get a quote. Maybe @krumch can help you.

No, no zapier yet.

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Their uploads will be sent to cloud via the form I am using currently. What I want to restrict, is their access auto restricted to a page showing just the posts they created (form will also create a custom post type). Think I will add them manually to their own pages (as a portal) as shown in the video you shared above.

Thanks a million for your in-time reply. I am testing the free plugin and it looks great. Will check the tutorials you sent as I think I am going pro with this.
PS. Just hope Zapier coming soon.
PPS. This plugin rocks.

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