Can I customize the IP Restrictions template?

There’s already an article here:
but I’m confused of where to put the file. Sorry if it’s a stupid question but there are some discrepancies in the given url formatting.

In the article It’s written to copy this file


which I could find in


I edited it but now I’m not sure where to put it.

The article says to put it in:

Does it actually mean in /wp-content/ or do I have to create a new folder inside the /plugins/ folder and name it /wp-content/?

Thank you!

Hi Bastian.

/wp-content/plugins /s2members/ src /includes/templates/errors//s2member/includes/templates/errors/ip-restrictions.php

That’s the right file.

Does it actually mean in /wp-content/


I think it will also work if you put it in the active theme’s folder.


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thank you!

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