Cache folder size is growing, notes in the sources are not showing

Hello, everyone. W3TC and WP Supercache defector here:slight_smile:
Following a recommendation of someone I decided to try Comet Cache, so I am an unexperienced user who needs a little advice.

My instance has “Enable Notes in the Source” set to yes. I am watching the cache folder which is located at /wp-content/cache/comet-cache. As I browse more pages on my site I see that the folder size is increasing which logically should mean that caching works. However when I access the page source from a browser with no cookies, cleared browser cache and even from an incognito session I don’t find any strings related to Comet Cache anywhere in the source - neither bottom nor anywhere else.

What gives?
Thanks in advance for any advice

Are you logged in or out when you check? You need to be logged out.

I am logged out. Like I said I am trying from another browser after purging browser cache, cookies and even using incognito mode to exclude any chance of being somehow connected to the site as the owner.

OK, what is the URL?

Another thing that might cause this is if you’re using Cloudflare or some other service (or another WordPress plugin) that strips HTML notes from the page source. See the “What if I just see blank lines at the bottom?” section of this article:

Thank you, Raamdev.

Disabling temporarily HTML minification on Cloudflare showed the truth - cache is fully functional. This is what I thought, cache was working as the cache folder was changing in size. However I had a feeling that your code was stripped out by All in One Security and not by Cloudflare.