Cache error in Firefox only

I have noticed that after a page with some javascript dates calculation gets cached it works fine on that day and but on later days javascript doesn’t work anymore. If I clear cache of that page it is working for some times and then breaks again. That happens only in FireFox. You can see this at the buttom of the page with red loading gif right below the calendar form, it is a place where price for the given date supposed to be calculated. It works fine in Chrome but not in Firefox

Is there any way I can fix that?

The example link is:

I just tried that page with both Firefox and Chromium (which is basically Chrome without the Google cruft added) and got the same result in both.

You have javascript errors on the page, which are presumably the cause of this problem. Hit F12 and then select Console to see the errors.

Thank you very much for checking that. I see now what you mean. But that error referes to a png image that supposed to be generated by javascript. It looks like it cached the old image and now can not find it as there supposed to be new one.

If I’m right, is there any way I can exclude that particular part of the page from caching so javascripts can generate new capchas and prices images withough those images being cached?

The point is that when I turn caching off or if I refresh the cache I don’t get those errors. But probably only until new price and capcha images needs to be generated.

No, because Comet Cache does page caching, i.e. its role is precisely to cache the whole page.

Ok, so if dynamic content (images) can’t be cached properly it means those are not generated by javascript but probably PHP is used for that. So i need to contact the developer of that plugin and ask to fix it. Is that the correct reason for this?

(I have now turned the caching plugin off and the errors disapears)

Yes, that’s what I’d do.